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Indian Federation of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology IFUMB (formerly) known as Indian Society of Medical Ultrasound) was formed in 1978 by a group of cardiologists, radiologists and gynaecologists from Nair hospital. Initiative was taken by Dr. K. D. Shah, Dr. C. V. Vanjani, Dr. C. V. Shah, Dr. K. G. Nair (all cardiologists) and Dr. Suman Daftary and Dr. R. R. Pai (radiologists) and Dr. Rohini Merchant and Dr. Rawal (Gynaecologists) to form a society which will bring all ultrasound users in their respective specialities on a common platform to discuss and impart training in the use of ultrasound.

Initially society used to meet quarterly in Bombay and case presentations by various disciplines used to be the hallmark of initial activities.

International Congress on Non-invasive techniques in Cardiology” was the first major conference held at Taj Mahal Hotel in December 1984 under the auspices of the society, which was attended by about 500 delegates from all over India along with a distinguished faculty from USA, UK and Japan. This initiative resulted in boost on membership of society. Dr. K. D. Shah was the President and Dr. C. V. Vanjani was the Secretary General of the Congress.

We started having a regular Annual conference from year 1991. First conference was held at Nair hospital in which delegates from all major disciplines participated in a 3 day event. From then onwards, we have been having regular Annual Conference till now.

USCON 2024, Mumbai

20th - 22nd September 2024

AFSUMB 2024- Coex, Seoul, Korea

May 9 (Thu) - 11 (Sat), 2024

WFUMB 2025

Dates: May 29 - June 1, 2025
Venue: Kyoyo, Japan (Kyoto International Conference Center)


Dr. Ashwin Lawande


Dr. Raju Keswani


I am grateful to respected seniors and all dear friends for electing me as Secretary General of this august organisation and giving me opportunity to serve...Read More