President Message

Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to be writing to you for the first time as President of IFUMB. The year 2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone working in healthcare, and our field of ultrasound was not an exception. We have been watching and working with apprehension, yet a strong resolve to serve humanity in a challenging situation. Much of the world is engulfed in a second wave of corona pandemic, and several of us have lost their near and dear ones to covid. We also seen lot of doctors suffering from corona and many have died as true martyrs. However, we all must gather ourselves to face the enormous challenges before us.

We have seen our colleagues working hard and producing guidelines for the pandemic so quickly that it helped us in our clinical practise and helped us not to get engulfed in the pandemic the way it was feared that we all will be.

Thanks to our courageous doctors from around the world and in India who worked tirelessly for the suffering humanity, this when a lot of our brave colleagues succumbed to the pandemic that we are now starting to see light at the end of a long dark tunnel. Our scientists developed vaccines at such a fast pace that we were all awestruck and the vaccination drive starting in right earnest.

We have, however, kept the torch of learning going in these trying times and we all have seen and enjoyed so many educational updates with webinars and online teachings covering the latest on corona guidelines to the latest updates in all fields of ultrasound. Truly the world seems smaller with all connected with each other online .

This also then reminds us the opportunities that tough times bring with them and certainly technology is one of them, with numerous potential.

This is also the time to stay safe, stay connected and with the hope that soon enough the pandemic will see its end and we will be able to meet each other, and carry the glorious tradition of IFUMB playing a leading role in promoting ultrasound for the welfare of the mankind with empathy and compassion.

It is important that IFUMB continues to support clinicians during the rest of the pandemic and also encourage leadership amongst the next lot, which can take forward the flame of knowledge, compassion and wisdom for which IFUMB is always known for.

It would be mine and my team’s endeavour to carry out educational activities online at the moment, and with time, gradually move to hybrid programs.

With the blessings of the almighty, when this pandemic is over and with good wishes of colleagues and friends in IFUMB, we will be restarting of our activities. Also this is the time to reflect back and see what all we gained technologically and educationally, how we have cherished the memories of numerous meetings with friends and conferences and be proud of being a doctor – a courageous one.

Thank You!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Deepak Chawla